Thursday, September 11, 2014

Christie's New York selling my work Sept 29. 2014

Christie's New York is selling a huge collection of my work on September 29th 2014.

The Triple XXX auction from the Don Sanders Collection sells work from:

Helmut Newton, Araki, Edward Weston, Robert Mapplethorpe, Lee Friedlander, Ralph Gibson, Thomas Ruff, Guenter Blum, Chuck Close, just to name a few.

Very impressive to be in such good company. The work curated for this auction is breathtaking and beautiful.
I can't express how honored I am to be part of this and how exciting it is to be on the cover of the catalog.

The image on the catalog cover  is from my "Venus" project from 2000. It is a collection of self-portraits photographed with an old SX70 Polaroid camera.

Also Christie's is selling my entire "Big Cat" Collection shot in 2008 including the behind the scenes diary.

A larger than life nude Self-Portrait is at the auction. This image was one of my first b&w prints I made after deciding to become a photographer.

What an impressive milestone in my career to see my work at Christie's New York