Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Book Sylvie Blum Nudes

Now it is time to talk about my second book, Nudes. It was published in 2002 in Germany by Edition Braus. It is a wonderful coffee table book.144 pages,80 images, Hardcover.

“Nudes” was born in photo sessions in Miami, Los Angeles, Mallorca and Berlin. The project is the vision of incomparable beautiful, self secure women that are being set by this exceptionally great photographer. American modelling icons are photographed against the black and white silhouettes of Hollywood. It’s Narcissism in it’s most beautiful. Through Sylvie Blum’s outdoor settings she is able to express timeless ecstatic. Endless deserts, monstrous cities, the deepest oceans, the cool architecture of Beverly Hills and Palm Beach, poorly packed industry hallways, the flair of Mediterranean property on through the graffiti filled backyards of Berlin are the base of this great inspiration. Through wise choices in shot and lighting Silvie Blum’s extraordinary style is being underlined. Naked Beauty.

You can order this rare and beautiful book now also in the USA.