Thursday, September 9, 2010

The New Book Project

Everyone who has ever done a book, knows it takes a long time to get the work together.
You select your most important work and then you make another selection, shoot more interesting stuff, you have new ideas and projects you want to include and then you can't stop working and want to get the very best out of it ... I have taken thousands of images with so many models in the past years, and then at the end I cut everything down to the very best.
A view weeks ago I had another meeting with David Fahey who is the Curator of my next book. .. I was excited to see all my work spread out on the Gallery floor, the legendary magic of those rooms and all those famous people who went through those halls and are presented on those walls. I felt like I was standing in a church of photographic art... In between my work ... and there was no doubt, I needed to enjoy this rare and satisfying feeling for a little moment , before we started to do the sequencing of the book. We looked at the work, shifted right and left, back and forth and discussed for hours. I even had to sort out some very loved strong images ... and I can tell this hurts a lot, if you just can't find a spot in the flow to include an image without braking up the smooth and round finish of the order. Anyway I did let it go , as I was very sure David Fahey had the unique and genius eye he gave me that day to sequence my book. I was very happy about his excitement and passion and after a long session late at night I went home with my huge stack of images, that are now the beginning of something new...