Monday, January 23, 2012

Photographing now for 11 Years !!!

Yesterday I opened one of those chaos boxes, with all those old images, memories and notes I used to collect. Once those things have been very important to me and I just forgot about them.
I found an old image of myself from one of my first photo shoots 11 years ago.
It reminded me that time runs so fast and I'm working every day on certain projects and shoots, that I just forgot...I'm photographing now for 11 years.
Wow... is it really that long ago, since I took an old camera and tried to hunt my visions. I am impressed....
Since that time I learned so much, had so many adventures, met so many people and was so obsessed with what I'm doing. I jumped into an unknown future, but I always knew this will be something I need to do.
I'm very happy and excited about this new year 2012 waiting for me and my upcoming projects and more more more adventures....