Monday, April 16, 2012

Vel Jones Interview

Vel Jones is one of my favorite models. She graces my billboard on Sunset Blvd. I worked with her several times on different projects and it was always a great pleasure to photograph her. She is not only a dream girl, she knows her angles, she comes prepared and she loves to pose. Her body is a piece of art by itself and I'm impressed by her beauty inside out. She enjoys and appreciates the camera and includes her own creativity as a model into each photo shoot.
Every time we get together and work, I'm filled with happiness. To see how she brings an idea alive, her passion to work hard for a good image and to celebrate beauty with her input, that really is big time to me at the end of a working day.

I'm very happy she ended up being the one on my billboard for my upcoming exhibition at the Fahey Klein Gallery, April 26 - June 2. 2012.
Images of her are also in my latest published book "NakedBeauty"