Monday, May 18, 2009



Monday, March 23rd, 2009, 9:24 pm

Angela worked with me the last 2 weeks. We had lot's of fun and have been creative. Angela wrote a Blog for me about herself.

Enjoy it ...

My name is Angela and I am a nude model from Canada. People always want to know why I like to pose nude, and I wish I had some really profound answers, but for me it is just a liberating and challenging thing. It is a way to express myself and I get to exercise my appreciation for the female form.

The nude body truly is a beautiful and fascinating thing, and like Sylvie always says, it is timeless. I started modeling nude nearly three years ago after being photographed just for fun by one of my lovers. I posted the nude photos on a model networking site and a few month later a photographer from California flew to Canada to shoot me. One year later I met Sylvie Blum. Besides Sylvie, other photographers I really admire are Ellen von Unwerth, Paolo Roversi, and Peter Lindbergh. All of these artists are so incredibly talented and have such distinct styles and visions.

Back to Sylvie ... I met her nearly two years ago and she instantly became one of my favorite people. Her energy is infectious and she has such a wonderful personality. I love working with her for so many reasons. She has a huge heart and so many passion for what she does. Sylvie has the coolest visions and such a unique style. I feel I can't possibly do this woman justice so suffice it to say that she is fabulous, hilarious, larger than life, passionate, creative, spontaneous and so inspired and appreciative of the beauty of the female form. She knows her angles and lighting so well, and I know she will always make me look as good as I possibly can. She has the best ideas and I will do pretty much anything I can to make her visions come to fruition. If she tells me she wants me to walk naked through the desert with a lion or a tiger I do it. Or I'll stand in the freezing cold water until my fingers are numb because I absolutley believe in her visions and know the result will be somthing so crazy cool and incredible. I think we work so well together because she knows I trust her, and because I share her vision and her enthusiasm. Also I know she believes in me and appreciates me, and this makes all the difference in the world.

Sometimes I meet photographers and I don't see their vision or share their ideas on beauty, no matter how hard I try. With Sylvie, it's different. I just get her. I always see what she is talking about and trust her completely. It's cool too, because she is spontaneous at times, and at other times she works for month and month to perfect her vision-like with the Big Cat shoot. She's totaly genius and part of the reason she is cool in my eyes is because she is a female photographer. Woman see woman differently than men do. Sylvie creates images that show the beauty, power and versatility of woman, where as many male photographers focus more on the sexuality of a naked woman. Sylvie's images are classic, timeless and unique. My favourite pictures in my portfolio are the ones I created with Sylvie. She always manages to get the best out of me because I believe in her, and because I'm inspired by her. If you don't have inspiration when it comes to art, then you don't have anything. With Sylvie I'm always feeling creative and energetic and I really believe in her wholeheartedly. I feel so fortunate to have met this cool lady and created such great photographs with her. I know there are big things in her future and I will always be rooting for her. She's an inspiration and best of all, she has become one of my dearest friends in the world. Yay Sylvie Blum!