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Monday, March 16th, 2009, 11:42 pm

Since the first time I saw Kim Westons work I was in love with his style and this was many years ago. His classy vision of shooting the nude is timeless and balanced, the story behind his work is true and beautiful. Kim Weston is a master of his genre and I'm very honored to have had the opportunity to spend 3 days working with him at my white box studio in Los Angeles.

I met Kim and Gina Weston about a year ago at their beautiful place in Carmel. This was also when we decided to do a photographing project together.

Kim has been a Black and White fine art nude photographer for over 30 years specializing in large format photography. His main body of work consists of silver contact prints made from 8x10 negatives (large format). For the past 7 years, Kim and his wife Gina have been sharing a passionate, artistic and unique photographic vision with a select group of participants at several workshops held at Wildcat Hill, Edward Weston's former home in the Carmel Highlands which is located on the Central California coast 100 miles south of San Francisco. Each workshop combines practical, hands-on instruction with informal lectures and field trips that immerse participants in the history of the Weston family's contributions to fine art photography. To see Kim's New Work please visit

Kim Weston


This is us getting prepared for a fun day.

Right in the picture is Ed Martin, a dear friend and one of the most creative people I have ever met. He is 83 years old and during our 3 day shoot he was with us, photographing and celebrating life.

Ed used to be a cinematographer, that is now a still photographer, he creates fabolous colorful photographs mainly flowers, seeds and object he finds in his surroundings and place them in his scanner to make the image. Ed is a true artist !!!

You can read his fascinating bio and see his work at

Kim came with his exciting cameras, I was magnetified by his working style.

Gina Weston Kims wife and muse is filming Ed and Kim while they are shooting the models, using the head light in the studio.

Kim came and brought those crazy props. he prepared them for the shoot by waxing and cleaning them.we used these very organic things for a vision we named "Birth and Art" or something else....

some first results with model kat