Monday, May 18, 2009



Wednesday, April 8th, 2009, 8:57 pm

When I see Kim with his blond funky hair, his big hands like bear paws always ready to meter in one corner of a place... his awake and friendly eyes wandering around to spot an area that could be the next creative treasure for him. I like how down to earth this man is, how soft and quiet he directs his models into a pose...I love how he sees light and how he transforms a situation he creates into a piece of art. The days we worked together, seeing him creating images next to me, made me feel this deeply trust that he will capture magic.

He works exact... from a stand, always in frame of the negative size, his meter is placed in a revolver pocket on his belt and he seems to play and plan at the same time. I was excited how he used my space and the props he found in my surroundings.

He captured them in a new and exciting way, only an artist can do. I thought it was refreshing and an inspiration to learn from him how simple things can get alive through a geniously perception.

One day I will ask Kim, the man with the meter, the cool cameras, the film rolls in an oyster cooler, if he takes me to his darkroom and lets me be a witness of the first moment when his vision transforms into a piece of art.